Pipeline Products

NOverdose is an app that connects opioid overdose victims with nearby volunteer naloxone carriers anonymously, plus, if desired will alert friends, neighbors, or peers that carry naloxone and also will text 911. Our goal is to support the substance abuse community (peer to peer) and those at elevated risk of opioid overdose with prescribed opioids.

We have completed IRB-approved functionality tests at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and also Western New England University College of Pharmacy. Release of this product is pending based on completing a staged release and funding.

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Currently under development is our comprehensive pharmacogenetic application with focus on guidance for implementing, justifying, and ordering phenotype and genotype analysis for patients. Our intent is to provide therapeutic decision algorithms for unique and individualized therapy selection by pharmacotherapeutic drug category and disease state. Check back on this for more details soon!


This is still in concept phase.  Considering the opioid landscape and that fact that many clinicians are feeling forced to taper opioids due to various state and federal guidelines, coupled with insurance payer mandates, a software application to help guide clinicians will be a welcomed asset. This will help clinicins to determine if an opioid taper is a reasonable option, and if so, will help guide an adequate taper while preserving patient safety.

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