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Remitigate, LLC

Dedicated to providing intuitive software solutions for medical professionals caring for patients that require chronic opioid therapy.

REMIT is to abstain from enforcing punishment on honest patients that have been mislabeled because of misinterpreted urine tests;

MITIGATE is to avoid or prevent poor medication outcomes (toxicity & death) in patients that are abusing/diverting drugs.

Our mission is to provide unique therapeutics applications that are not otherwise intuitive or readily retrievable from any one or more sources (published guidelines, lists, or mathematical models) often seen with free access apps. Our initial launch product was Urintel®, an application to guide clinicians in the accurate and practical interpretation of immunoassay urine drug tests (UDTs) in order to fairly assess false positives and negatives. The intent is to reduce the burden and minimize speculation when attempting to evaluate UDTs.

Our newest product is Naloxotel, a validated software platform to quantify percent risk of opioid-induced respiratory depressionand qualify patients for in-home naloxone. This platform creates a comprehensive progress note for EMRs and prior authorization in a few short mouse clicks taking less than two minutes

On the way is NOverdose, which is a downloadable smart phone app to improve naloxone access and notify caregivers and 911 of an opioid OD while providing GPS coordinates. Watch demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LEcliQXTSw

In development are applications for point and click decisions on which tests to order for individualized patient therapies using pharmacogenetic testing, opioid dose taper/reduction, and more.

Meet our team!

Dr. Jeffrey Fudin


Dr. Nadia Shahzad