Interprets results and provides comprehensive assessment; intuitive, simple, quick

Decreases guesswork and diminishes blame

Copy recommendations to clipboard to easily paste into medical chart

Support staff intervention frees provider time

Considers RX interactions, dose, false pos/neg

Report helps justify 3rd party payment for definitive testing

Urine Drug Testing (UDT), also known as Urine Drug Screens (UDS), are commonly used in the clinical setting by primary care and pain management clinicians.  UDT, especially by immunoassay, has been used to monitor abstinence from illicit drugs and to confirm adherence to maintenance drugs, in emergency departments to support both acute treatment decisions and efforts to prevent future events (illicit drug use is considered a marker for future trauma), in pain clinics, and in primary care settings”.1,2

Dr. Fudin and colleagues are happy to announce that a new